Recipe: Thai Mango Sticky Rice

This recipe is pretty special to me. When I first started dating my boyfriend, he told me his favourite dessert was mango sticky rice. It's a super simple concept - steamed sticky rice with sweet coconut flavour, topped with a creamy coconut sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and served with a side of very sweet,… Continue reading Recipe: Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Trusting the Process

There's a mantra I tell myself to get through the challenges of life, one that I've been using a lot lately: trust the process. It came to mind from my first year of dental school, inspired by one of my preclinical lab instructors. He's a bit of a wild card. He says things he probably… Continue reading Trusting the Process

Recipe: Cappuccino Cookies (Cookies By George copycat)

There's a chain of cafes in Central and Western Canada called Cookies By George and they make the softest, chewiest cookies ever. I've accumulated a few favourites of theirs over the years, including the Oatmeal Raisin, the Ginger Molasses, and Peaches & Cream (which, by the way, is only back for a month as September's… Continue reading Recipe: Cappuccino Cookies (Cookies By George copycat)